Sheet Music for Bible Songs

If you are interested in playing these songs yourself, we have 3 pdf resources to help you with the following scripture songs:

  • Blessed is the Man
  • Do You Not Know?
  • I Know the Plans
  • Not to Us
  • Oh, the Depth
  • Sing Joyfully!
  • Stand Firm
  • The Hour Has Come
  • To Him
  • We Wait in Hope
  • Who Among the Gods
  • Whom Have I?
  • You Were Running

Download sheet music

(5.6 mb)


  • lead sheets
  • guitar chord sheets
  • overhead masters
  • bulletin inserts
  • chorus sheet

Download guitar chords

(.25 mb)


  • guitar chords only


Download Spanish guitar chords

(.18 mb)

Includes guitar chord sheets for the following songs:

      1. Bendito Aquel (Blessed is the Man)
      2. ¿Acaso No Haz Oido? (Do You Not Know?)
      3. ¡Que Profundas Riquezas! (Oh, the Depth)
      4. Canten Con Gozo (Sing Joyfully!)
      5. Firmes Seguid (Stand Firm)
      6. Al Que Nos Ama (To Him)
      7. En Ti Esperamos (We Wait in Hope)
      8. ¿A Quien Tengo Yo? (Whom Have I?)